Outline of the story…”O Mugguri Katha”…

Genre: Crime Drama

The movie is all about the saga of a three Hyderabad based childhood friends, Iqbal, Prabhu and Shankar Iqbal is a school dropout and runs a mechanic shop in Hyderabad. Prabhu is an Engineering graduate and gets exhausted having failed even after making several attempts to get a job that suits his profile. And, their friend, Shankar is B.Com graduate and changes from one job to another, as if changing his attire.

The story revolves around the typical middle class families and the bonding and attachment among the members of the family. It reflects their moments of happiness, struggles, family disputes, friendship among three and the like. One fine night three got involve in the robbery of one crore unexpectedly, as the destiny led them so. how they got involved in the theft of one crore? How did they commit it? To whom those one crore belong to? Who are the other guys involved in this apart from those three friends? Is the rest of the story.